The Art of Model Making
Complete CAD/CAM systems for professional architectural model makers

"Just the best tools for top quality models"

A reliable and well proven complete system, especially for professional architectural model makers:
The CAD/CAM software CAMOD and the ZÜND milling and cutting machine.


It's that simple: CAMOD

The optional CAMOD keyboard gives you the fastest possible access to the most often used program features.



Milling, Engraving, Cutting






PDF/DXF/DWG Drawing Data Interface

The importance of drawing data exchange has dramatically increased in the last few years. Meanwhile also model makers get their customers drawing data as files. The PDF, DXF and DWG formats are the most important data formats for this application.
CAMOD has a powerful PDF, DXF and DWG data interface for import and export of 2D drawing data.
And it offers special filtering, editing and construction functionalities in order to use the imported files as a base for your part production.




Landscape Models

From map to model - CAMOD has a lot of features to support the production of landscape models.
In most cases you will get the landscape map as PDF, DXF or DWG file, which will be imported into CAMOD.

Of course you may also digitise or overdraw a landscape plan manually.
In case your customer is not able to offer it as PDF, DXF or DWG file.
It's important to structure such a 2D drawing into a height level layer structure.

BTW: 3D milling of large landscape models out of massive material blocks is not a recommendable job for a ZÜND machine.
Herefore a 5 axis milling machine is recommended, which is able to use large tool diameters.



Model Construction

Often several different sheets of material are combined when you assemble a scale model, because this offers the best impression of the choosen material and surface design. For example coloured acrylic glass, engraved facade surfaces, wood, ...

In CAMOD you draw the geomtry for all the different materials into one single drawing, separated onto different layers. All cutting and milling output results of this drawing will fit together perfectly, which looks excellent and is a real time saver during assembling.

A complete CAD software like CAMOD gives you all constructive tools for this job.



Scale, Engraving Pattern

Each drawing in CAMOD has it's scale and you're working with real units (m, mm, in, ...).
And you may change scale or unit whenever you like. This simplifies construction work and offers perfect feeling for the real size of an object.

If you draw for example a hatch pattern in scale 1:1 for a plane to be engraved, you may fill any type of plane in any scale with htis pattern. This is a very powerful feature for engraving surface structures.



Assembling Speed

For best assembling speed and quality you need a perfect model construction.

This roof construction is an example for "plug together kit" type of model. And it shows, that even very filigree structures may be produced, offering precise and fast assembling.



Make use of our experience. Since 1992 several sophisticated model-makers have decided to use this specialized solution: from Dublin to Sydney, from Hamburg to Porto. Satisfied customers are our best references.
"You won't be happy 'til you own it".

We supply directly to model-makers. Installation and training by an experienced technician. This enables you to work efficiently after 1-3 days training.