RoboCAD compatible

CAD4U for Windows is backward compatible with the old MS DOS RoboCAD program.

Your existing RoboCAD and RoboCADET drawing data and most of the style files are compatible with CAD4U.
Very old RoboCAD library data should be converted first, using the conversion tool available.
Even if you currently use an old plotter, which is not supported by later Windows driver versions, you can use it with CAD4U and a PLT plotter driver.

CAD4U(-XS) for Windows is a genuine Windows program, programmed and optimized for full Windows performance.
Nevertheless as a RoboCAD or RoboCADET user you will understand the user interface immediately, whilst gaining the benefits offered by a Windows platform. These benefits naturally include Windows printer support and access to state-of -the-art PC technology.
Test it for yourself. You will be amazed!