Technical Support

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD.

  1. DXF and DWG Import
  2. Missing handle points during INSERT?
  3. Layertable overwritten or defective (error 432)?
  4. Known limitations regarding BITMAPS and TrueType-TEXT
  5. An error message will be displayed everytime I start CAD4U/CAMOD, even without loading a drawing
  6. Error message "CAD4Ulmr Server Class..."


1. DXF- und DWG-Import

Are you running into problems while trying to import DXF or DWG drawing files into CAD4U(-XS)/CAMOD?
Perhaps you have not yet updated onto CAD4U/CAMOD V.44?
Since V.33 (and higher) you will be enabled to import most of the various DXF and DWG drawings directly. Please read the Version History page for more details.

No XREFs in DXF and DWG files!
Only embedded drawing data in DXF and DWG files can be imported into CAD4U/CAMOD V.44!
All external referenced files (= XREFs) will be skipped during translation, because CAD4U/CAMOD doesn't support external referenced DXF or DWG files. Therefore it's important to explode the XREFs before creating DXF or DWG files in a third party CAD program.

No special characters in path or filename!
In case you want to IMPORT a certain DXF or DWG file into CAD4U/CAMOD V.44 and the system shows no reaction at all (no import settings menue): the pathname and/or filename of the relevant file includes characters, which are not recognized by the translator program. Please try to rename the path or file, using standard characters and numbers only, without any special characters.
This effect may occur while receiving DXF or DWG files from another country or transferred from OS-X to Windows operating system.


2. Missing Handle Points

Difficulties while trying to find a drawing's handle point for selecting a drawing as INSERT? In this case you could either select the desired drawing by entering the relevant box position number or you LOAD the drawing and re-FILE it.
Since V.22.00.14 you may LOAD a drawing by BOX AREA instead of HANDLE POINT.
In case of missing handle points for a certain index position, a small BOX AREA in the bottom left corner of this index position will be active for LOADING.


3. Error 432

Did you overwrite your layertable by accident or is the layertable file defective (error 432)?
In this case you should download from DOWNLOAD page, unzip the file and copy the LFT files to the target path described in the RTF document.


4. Bitmaps & TTF-Text Limitations

Known limitations regarding BITMAPS and TrueType-TEXT (since Version 6.x):
BITMAPS and TrueType-Text may NOT be transferred into other programs via CLIPBOARD / DRAWINGDATA- or METAFILE.
BITMAPS, TrueType-Text and PLANE FILLS may only be output via PRINT or PUBLISH interface.
There is NO output via PLT-plotter driver possible for those bitmap-based elements.


5. Error Message at every CAD4U(-XS)/CAMOD start

An error message will be displayed everytime I start CAD4U(-XS)/CAMOD, even without loading a drawing. Eventually error conditions are filed into the default settings file and everytime you start the program it also loads those error conditions. In this case, only a deletion of the relevant file can help.
No program re-installation required.


Try this:

The default settings file needs to be deleted (or restored from your backup?).
Since V. 5.00.05 and in all newer versions this can be done by the following feature: SETTINGS / SAVE SETUP / OPTIONS / "Delete settings and exit CAD4U(-XS)/CAMOD".

Since V. 22:
Delete the file WC_DEFAULTS(64).BIN in the Application Data Folder.
(Downloaded program ZIP file contains "CAD4U(-XS)/CAMOD folders.rtf").

V. 11:
Delete the file WC_DEFAULTS.BIN in the Application Data Folder
(Downloaded program ZIP file contains "CAD4U(-XS)/CAMOD folders.rtf").

V. 6.00 up to V.10:
Delete WC_DEFAULTS.BIN in the program folder and eventually in "VirtualStore".

V. 5.02:
Delete WC_SETTINGS.BIN in the program folder.

V. 3.32 up to V.5.01:
Delete WC_DEFS.BIN in the program folder.

Up to V. 2.32:
Delete the file *.DFT in the program folder.

Let us recommend again, that you backup your user data files.
Since V. 5.01.06 and in all newer versions this is supported by the Backup-Manager in FILE / SAVE USER DATA.


6. Error message "CAD4Ulmr Server Class..."

The following effect may happen only with all versions from V.11 up to V.33:
CAD4U(-XS) or CAMOD doesn't start anymore, displaying an error message "CAD4Ulmr Server Class.....".

In such a case, the "protection software" on your PC deleted the file CAD4Ulmr*.EXE file from the ProgramFiles folder, without any kind of warning.
For example the "Defender" in Windows 10 or 11 installations.

Since 1st. Jan. 2023 no ACTIVATION CODES are available anymore to activate any CAD4U(-XS) or CAMOD V.11 to V.33!

We recommend to update onto CAD4U or CAMOD V.44!