Update And Version History

On this page you'll see the "version history" and update informations regarding CAD4U and CAMOD.

CAD4U and CAMOD V.44.00:

Since January 1st. 2023 there are no activations available anymore for the CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD versions 11 up to 33!

Based on this reason we have developed the CAD4U and CAMOD V.44 Company License:


Since CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.33.00:

Import & Export PDF
With this powerful new feature the user may import drawings (= vector data) from PDF files and use them in CAD4U/CAMOD drawings.
Including the support of layer information.

Drawing Resize
This function allows the user to resize the drawing.
The user is first prompted to select the start and end points of a line and is then asked for the new dimension.
The drawing data and paper are then resized.
This is the fastest way to force imported PDF drawings onto the correct scale.


DWG / DXF Import & Export Translator updated and extended
The translation modules are updated to support the latest DXF and DWG file versions!

Bitmap Move
A Bitmap can now be drag moved to the chosen location.


Circle Diameter Replace
All circles of given diameter range may now be replaced with a new diameter.


Layer Palette
There is now the option to switch between all layers and those in the drawing.
A new column has been added to the palette which indicates whether a layer is used in the drawing.


Since CAMOD V.33.00:

CNC Cut Gap
This is a new function which will cut a gap in a selected line or arc.
The radius comes from the CNC Contour A settings and an extra gap can also be set.


CNC Multiple Contours
The CNC CONTOUR functions have been replaced by new functions
allowing up to 3 CNC contours to be created at the same time.


Plane Clear Hatch
The function now includes the option to create vertical as well as horizontal hatch lines.


Since CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.22.00:

The main target of the development work for V.22 was making the DXF/DWG drawing data exchange better and supporting 64-Bit operating environment.


Completely new Import DXF/DWG function (see video movie).

The function is considerably enhanced:

There are now three options for how the Layer Table is updated during DWG/DXF Import:

  1. Create a new table, use automatic colour mapping and use layer names from DXF layer table.
  2. Overwriting the names of the present layer table.
  3. Keeping the present CAD4U/CAMOD layer table entries. DXF colours and layer names will be lost.

There are new options for the Paperspace handling:

  1. Only Modelspace, no Paperspace Data translated.
  2. No Modelspace, only Paperspace Data translated.
  3. Or to be prompted when importing a drawing. If the prompt option is chosen then when a drawing is imported the user will be asked whether to ignore Paperspace Data or translate only Paperspace Data.

Further informations regarding DXF and DWG drawing data exchange can be found on the support page.


New: VIEW FILTER (see video movie).
A new function intended to replace Speed Filter, VIEW FILTER, will filter records for selection as well as display, and individual entities including lines, arcs, circles and polylines can be chosen for filtering.


64-Bit Version

CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.22 are available as 64-Bit version now, optimized for the 64-Bit-Windows 8 and 7 operating system. A 64-Bit software may address more memory and works safer in the 64-Bit environment.
The 32-Bit versions of CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.22 are still available for the 32-Bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


This is a new function which can correct some possible problems with libraries:

  1. Zero length inserts and blocks are replaced with a placeholder.
  2. Missing inserts and blocks are replaced with a placeholder.
  3. An integrity check can be run on inserts and blocks, and if mistakes are found they are corrected.
    Only if there are corrections, the inserts and blocks are written back to disk. The checks are on aspects such as impossible radii, out of range (infinite) coordinates etc. similar to the checks recent CAD4U/CAMOD versions do when filing or exporting.
  4. Purge blocks. Similar to the previous Purge Blocks but quicker and deletes more blocks than before.

The user can select any combination of these and stop the operations with a provided "stop" button and at no risk to the library data.


Further Enhancements:




Since CAMOD V.22.00:


Since CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.11.00:

  • The Dynamic Layer Palette now adjusts its dimensions to the number of layers in a drawing and allows direct access to layer settings and colour changes.
  • If a library drawing has a name, it is added to the title of a drawing frame, and also used when printing.
  • Hardware copy protection replaced by flexible software protection, also allowing downloadable versions.
  • Technical program structures modified for optimized Windows 7 compatibility and safety.


Since CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.10.00:

  • Arc & Line Segmentation is now able to calculate lines too.
  • The Print dialog has been extensively re-worked to use property pages and to allow the overriding of both lineweight and colour output for each layer!
  • The Layertable includes display of the line-style and colour for layers set to single style or colour.

» Extensions In V.10.00 - Video (plays approx. 4 minutes)


Since CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.9.00:

  • Arc Segmentation (Allows arcs to be created from line segments. This is particularly useful in the situation in which the lines resulted from
    the scanning of arcs and curves or after importing DXF files.)
  • Total Length Dimensioning
  • Delete Drawing from an Index Page
  • Change To... (Very similar to EDIT / CHANGE but allows an element to be selected from which the attributes will be copied.)
  • Additional Toolbar Icons
  • Separate Dimension Text Layer

» Extensions In V.9.00 - Video (plays approx. 4 minutes)


Since CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.8.00:

  • Dynamic Zoom
  • Coloured & hires index page display
  • Project Codes for index pages
  • Insert JPEG bitmaps
  • More comfort in 2-screen mode
  • Milling and Cutting Settings may be stored in files and copied via clipboard to be pasted into a drawing as a text listing (CAMOD only)

» Extensions In V.8.00 - Video (plays approx. 4 minutes)

» Additional Extensions In CAMOD V.8.00 - Video (plays approx. 1 minute)


Since CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.7.01:

  • Print Selection
  • 2-Screen-Support
  • Group Selection by Element Size
  • Automatic Layer Capture during Chamfer or Fillet
  • Automatic Paper Orientation during Print
  • Fast Layer Assignment during landscape map editing (CAMOD only)

» Extensions In V.7.01 - Video (plays approx. 7 minutes)

» Additional Extensions In CAMOD V.7.01 - Video (plays approx. 2 minutes)


Since CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.6.01:

  • Layer-Palette
  • 3-Point Rotation
  • Zoom-Window

» Extensions In V.6.01 - Video (plays approx. 5 minutes)


Since CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.6.x:

  • Insert bitmaps (in BMP-format)
  • Text with TrueType-fonts
  • Status bar page tabs
  • Crosshair cursor

Since CAD4U(-XS) and CAMOD V.5.x:

  • Colour filter
  • Switchable toolbar
  • Completed tooltips
  • Context-sensitive online help now also for all palette and toolbar icons!
  • Better CNC Contour feature (CAMOD only)
  • Plane Clear Hatch feature (CAMOD only)

Since CAMOD V.4.3200:

  • Wall Plane Feature (CAMOD only)

Since CAD4U(-XS) V.3.3201:

  • Modernised userinterface styling

» Highlights Of All Extensions Up To V.6.00 - Video (plays approx. 6 minutes)

» Highlights Of All Additional Extensions Up To CAMOD V.6.00 - Video (plays approx. 2 minutes)


The movies were made with the CAMOD version. That's why the menus might show more features then you have available in CAD4U.